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à mon père …

Aram (Michael H. S. Gottlieb dit)

Painter born in 1908 in Austria. Fine Art of Berlin. Specializes in portraits. Leave Germany in 1933 for Tel Aviv. Lives and works from 1946 till 1998 in Paris. Friendship with Kisling, Channa Orloff, Natalia Goncharova, Larionov, Zadkine, Picasso. Portraits of Jean Anouilh, Igmar Bergman, Stig Dagerman, Moshé Sharret and many of others. 1962 : naturalization. Medal of the City of Paris. Works acquired by the french State, by the City of Paris. Present in private collections in Jérusalem, New-York, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Toits de Paris

The series of the “toits de Paris”. That was the view we had from our little apartment on Place Furstenberg where I was born. In the courtyard downstairs is the atelier of painter Delacroix. As for us, we lived upstairs, on the 6th floor, under the roofs.


Many people sat for their portrait to my father. Always struck by his concentration and the speed to capture their looks.


Views of our inside room Place Furstenberg …

The Rotonde view from the hotel Raspail, their first house when they came to Paris in 1946 …

Dutch breakfasts during our journeys in Holland, the land of Vermeer whom my father loved so much and whom we went “to visit” regularly.


“Je vais au Louvre pour voir des abstraits”.

“I go to the Louvre to see abstracts.” This quip of my father, expressed the fact that he liked to look in a painting the composition, the shapes, the colors and not only the illustration, the anecdote, the history. With two paintings representing the same subject, we do not have the same emotion. It is the “abstract” composition that affects us then.


Aram realized a lot of drawings so figugative as abstract with multiple techniques, watercolor, pencil, crayon, India ink or ball-point …

The decorator

At Fine Arts school of Berlin, all the students owed choose an artistic speciality corresponding to a usable job in the common society. Aram chose the stage set …
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